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Southern Missouri Bluegrass: is a 31 year professional group with over 125 years of music talent
in the members of the group.  Play many festivals, concerts, fairs, schools, colleges, rodeos, renuions, weddings, social events, government events, theaters, radio & TV programs. Have
performed in several states across the midwest US, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Iowa,
Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma. Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi,
Southern Missour Bluegrass have performed with many of the known names in the business, Bill
Monroe, Jim & Jesse, Ralph Stanley, Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs, Rhonda Vincent, Allison Krauss,
Doyle Lawson, Ricky Scaggs, Charlie Louvin, Leona Williams and many others.
Southern Missouri Bluegrass have performed at Opryland, Gibson Bluegrass Showcase, Jerusalem
Ridge Festival at Rosine, Ky, Rosine Barn Jamboree, George D. Hay Music Hall of Fame Theater,
invited to perform at the John F. Kennedy Center at Washington, DC, and to tour in Czechoslovakia.
Silver Dollar City, Branson, Mo
Credits:  Written many songs and instrumentals, record for Triskiadeka Records, Members of IBMA, BMI, iBluegrass, Bluegrass Rules, Bill Monroe Foundation, George D. Hay Society         and several bluegrass associations,  
Band Bio:
Eric Lewis; formed the band in 1981 and has successfully brought it to where it is today, plays guitar,
sings lead, tenor, baritone, writes songs, is the band manager, has played for 52 years. Was instrumental in establishing a live bluegrass TV show on Tri Mountain Television Internetwork  Written and recorded several songs. His own live television show on cable 38 West Plains, Mo
Appeared on the national RFDTV on Cumberland Highlanders, he was commissioned a KY Colonel in 2006; is president of the George D. Hay Society

Alex Hilliker; is from Mt Home, Ark is only 14 years old, has been playing fiddle for three years and the banjo for one, even though he is not an older person, he is a very accomplished musician, has played with the band for two months

John Neighbors; is no stranger to the music world, he has played for many years, he resides at Mtn Home, Ark. John plays banjo articulately, he sings lead and harmony. John was with the group for
three months iand he is an asset to the group.

Jimmy Wingo;  is from Tuckerman, Ark, playes bass, sings lead and harmony, has played most of his life, been with the group two years, is a friend and great asset to our group.

Mike Sanders;  Was raised in the Ozark hills of Northern Arkansas, he has played music most of his life, plays mandolin and guitar, he sings lead and harmony, is an accomplished musician and singer
For bookings:  Eric Lewis,