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Our new CD projects are out on the market.  These are some of the greatest
projects  we have done and you will enjoy them too.
You will be able to pick up a copy at the different business found on our
information page.nformation page     
You can also order either on our website too with check or money order
or with your credit card by PayPal
We appreciate your support of our last project, "Back to basics" which
was a great success. 
The projects "Our Grass Is Still Blue" has 12 songs and instrumentals  and
"Back to Basics" has 10 songs and instrumentals

      OUR GRASS IS STILL BLUE                                 BACK TO BASICS

Back to basics
Back to basics
 Our Grass Is Still Blue
Our Grass Is Still Blue
  1. Fisher's Hornpipe
  2.Just another Day
  3. I won't be home anymore
  4. Foggy Valley
  5. Love of the mountains 
  6. Doolee
  7. Back up and push
  8. Tennessee Treasure
  9. Earl's Breakdown
10. Waltz in F
11. Violet and a Rose
12. Come back to me little darlin
  1.Cherokee Shuffle
  2. I'll never shed another tear
  3. My rose of old Kentucky
  4. Don't this road look rough and rocky
  5. It rains just the same in Missouri
  6. Old Homeplace
  7. Back to the old home
  8. Wheel Hoss
  9. Gove, Gone, Gone
10. If I should wonder back