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The term "bluegrass" originated in 1945 when Bill Monroe hired the young
banjo player, Earl Scruggs to join his band.  The name came from his home
state of Kentucky, "the bluegrass state" where he was raised in Rosine, KY.

The combination of Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt contributed the idea to Bill
to call his music "bluegrass music" .

But what is bluegrass?   It comes from many different styles of music as the
Appalation mountain music, jazz, country and other countries as Irland,
Scottland.  It is a mixture of ballads, fiddle tunes and the high lonesome
sound that Bill gave it, this is the reason people world wide enjoy this upbeat
music because it goes to their heart and soul.

The popularity of the music has become a phenomenon in the past few years
especially since the conception of "Oh brother, where art thou?"

Down deep, most folks really enjoy the music but many are to proud to
really admit it!!!