The Hoedown Award
is an award given to
a recipient in honor
of the musicians who
played for George D.
Hay when he came to
Mammoth Spring,Ark as a reporter in 1919
Southern Missouri Bluegrass of West Plains, Mo  was recipient of the prestigious Band
Appreciation Award for 2001,  they received
this award from George D. Hay Foundation
Southern Missouri Bluegrass has won numerous awards throughout the many
years of performing at festivals, contests, TV productions, schools, social events
associations and other functions coinciding with bluegrass music.
We are honored to be to be considered to be one of the top performing bluegrass
bands in the country to receive these coveted awards.
   Thanks to all who made these possible.
Eric Lewis, a lifetime member
of the George D. Hay Music Hall of Fame & Foundation was awarded the Hoedown Award for 2004. He was also elected president of the Foundation for 2005
Eric Lewis and Southern Missouri
Bluegrass received an award of
appreciation from the Bill Monroe
Foundation for their participation
in performing at the Jerusalem
Ridge Festival at the Bill Monroe
homeplace at Rosine, Ky in 2003
and 2004.  The award was given by
Campbell Mercer, President of the
Bill Monroe Foundation.